Is Bee Pollen Effective For Treating Candida Infections?

Bee Pollen And Candida

Ever heard of bee pollen candida solution? To put things in perspective, Candida is a genus of yeasts and under it are some species that are capable of infecting humans and cause irritating diseases.

It is notable that the rise of yeast infections is connected to the rise of antibiotic uses in our society these days.

A dramatic rise of Candida arguably can lead to varied health problems like excessive weight gain and fatigue to name a few.

On the other hand, bee pollen is a natural food supplement composed of pollen that is gathered by worker honeybees in the form of granules.

Bee pollen is known for its high content of vitamins and minerals (Vitamin E, Thiamine, Nicotinamide and many others). Hence, bee pollen and candida go together.

Bee Pollen Vs. Honey

It is important to note that bee pollen and honey are not the same; hence, they have different effects on Candida. There is a big misconception that bee pollen is a sweet substance, but, it is not (even though it is laced with some honey or nectar); it actually has chalky taste. So, do not substitute bee pollen with honey in treating yeast infection.

Bee Pollen Candida Solution – How Effective Is It?

Candida albicans affect women more than men; the yeasts reside mainly in the digestive tract or in the woman’s vagina. For starters, pregnant women or those who take birth control pills are also susceptible to yeast infections; high amount of sugar in a person’s system contributes to yeast infection; Hence, patients are advised to avoid sugar and limit their carbohydrate consumption to sixty grams per day.

As bee pollen contains the vital vitamins that help the body fight Candida, it can easily enhance the overall effectiveness of the Candida Diet. This is because bee pollen contains anti-microbial and anti-yeast properties which help it kill the fungi. There are several studies that showed that Candida patients saw their symptom ease dramatically when they used bee pollen as part of their diet or treatment; the majority of them eventually got cured as they continued taking the bee pollen and maintaining the Candida diet.

Best Bee Pollen Supplement

Bee pollen supplement comes mainly in granules and capsule forms; I prefer the capsules because I hate the chalky taste of the granules. It is also important to take a brand that is turned into powder before being put inside the capsules; that helps to increase the absorption rate and effectiveness.

The purest bee pollen supplements are sourced from unpolluted countries like New Zealand. Avoid products that are preserved using the heating method because heat destroys the nutrients. Rather, freeze-dried brands are better because freeze-drying preserves the nutrients and the effectiveness of the product.

We recommend Xtend-life’s Bee Pollen Natural Energy because it is one o the purest on the market today; it is manufactured under strict standards. It also contains other natural ingredients that do not only fight candida, but also help to boost and sustain your general well-being.