Bee Pollen – Vitamin D Supplement At Its Best!

Of all the nutrients that you can get from bee pollen, vitamin D is probably one of the most important. Not that the other vitamins and minerals are not as important but they can easily be found in other food sources. However, vitamin D can be quite hard to find so it is just fortunate that bee pollen contains significant amounts of this nutrient.

Vitamin D deficiency has become quite common in recent years, both in adults and children, because the lifestyles that we live these days mostly keep us indoors.

This is indeed a problem because one of the primary sources of vitamin D is natural sunlight. As the skin gets into contact with sunlight, it can synthesize enough vitamin D to provide for your daily needs.

Since most adults are now cooped up in the office all day, and many children are also more interested in playing video games than playing outdoors, it is no wonder that vitamin D deficiency is fast becoming one of the most prevalent nutrition problems today.

In fact, if you’ve been experiencing chronic fatigue, depression and weight loss for no apparent reason, you might already be vitamin D deficient.

The best way to solve this problem is to get more exposure to sunlight, especially during the early morning hours, or to eat more foods that contain this vitamin like beef liver, eggs and fish oil. Again, this can be a problem for some people, particularly vegetarians.

Fortunately, there is another solution, and that is to take daily doses of bee pollen. Vitamin D is not the only vitamin you can enjoy from this amazing bee product. In fact, it contains practically every vitamin known to man, plus more than 16 minerals, 22 amino acids, and 18 natural enzymes that efficiently boost nutrient absorption.

By taking bee pollen supplements regularly, you are actually giving your body all the nutrients it needs and so much more.

But you should also realize that not all bee pollen products will give you the same level of nutrition. In particular, those that are heat-dried after harvesting contain very little nutrition because heat destroys the vital components.

Also, those that are harvested near heavily polluted areas are likely to contain toxic particles that can be very harmful for human consumption.

You can save yourself from health problems triggered by the use of these doubtful products by being very careful when choosing your supplements. First of all, you have to check the source of the bee pollen. The only way you can be sure of its purity is if it comes from an unpolluted location, such as New Zealand.

In fact, one of the best-selling bee pollen products today, Xtend-life’s Natural Energy, contains pure NZ bee pollen harvested from the South Island of New Zealand. This product is properly preserved, which means that the final product still contains all the intrinsic nutrients of pollen.