Jarrah Bee Pollen – The Real Deal Or Hype?

Jarrah bee pollen is made by Vivapura and comes from Australia.  Only limited quantities are made because the manufacturer claims that the pollens come from the Jarra Tree that blooms only once every 2 years – this really invokes a sense of scarcity, and thus increases interest and demand for the product.

However, is the quality of Jarrah bee pollen as high as the interest the brand generates? Read on to find out.

Pollens are popular natural supplements nowadays; they come in encapsulated powder form and as raw granules.

Making bee created pollen a part of your diet certainly has its advantages.

This natural marvel has high antioxidant levels, is a natural aphrodisiac, increases your strength and endurance, and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Some have even called this wonder supplement “the complete natural food.”

Jarrah bee pollen is a granulated supplement that you can take along with your drinks or cereals. Because the pollen is harvested in Australia, it is considered one of the pure brands available – Australia is among the few unpolluted countries in the world today.

Studies show that you can get the full benefits of bee pollen only when you take it in powder form. Encapsulated powdered bee pollen has higher digestion and absorption rates because the hard shell that encloses the individual granule has been crushed.

Jarrah Bee Pollen does not come in powder form – they are raw granules, which is why some experts question their potency. Many people are also too busy to have time to add granules to the food they eat. Most would rather take hassle-free capsules.

Before getting into the bee pollen bandwagon, make sure you are not allergic to anything bee-related. It is also important that you are not currently nursing or pregnant. Otherwise, you can take these supplements without worrying about any side effects.

With so many products today, it’s harder and harder to find out which ones truly work. If you want to get the true benefits of a health product, you should pay close attention to its ingredients and how it was made. Make sure that it is GMP compliant and does not scrimp on ingredients.

Why We Use and Recommend Xtend-life Natural Energy

Unlike the granulated Jarrah Bee Pollen, Xtend-life’s Natural Energy with 100% NZ Bee Pollen is in powder form and is encased in a capsule, making it highly potent. All pollens used are from New Zealand, and are properly preserved immediately after collection to retain all the nutrients.

Xtend-life go through painstaking measures to assure the quality of their products. The manufacturing process is compliant with the strictest international standards. So if you want the full benefits of bee pollen, put it to the test right away.