Joebees Bee Pollen

Is Joebees Bee Pollen your best choice or should you look for a better alternative? Read on to find out.

Bee pollen is proven to improve our general well-being. It is proven to increase energy level and stamina. Pollen also boosts sexual functions as well as prevents vitamin and mineral deficiencies and metabolism problems.

In fact, more and more people are now making pollen supplements part of their daily regimen because of the proven health benefits of this superfood.

There are also so many different bee pollen supplements on the market today; unfortunately, the quality of most of them is nothing to write home about.

The manufacturer of Joebees bee pollen claims that it is 100% natural and is GMP manufacturing compliant. The pollens are sourced from the forests of British Columbia, one of the cleaner sources of this superfood.

However, though it has many nutrients, bee pollen alone cannot be efficiently absorbed by the body. It may also lose its potency, depending on how it is preserved.

Although Joebee bee pollen comes in encapsulated powder form, it contains only bee pollen (inside vegetable capsule) – nothing added. This limits the bioavailability of the product. Hence, this product may not give you all the vitamins and minerals that pollen has to offer.

Before heading out to buy these wonder supplements, be sure to check with your physician first. These 100% natural products are prescription free, but you have to be careful especially if you allergic to bees, are pregnant or lactating.

If you want to get all the true benefits of these superfoods, be sure to choose the right supplement brand. Some companies use cheap methods (like dry heating) to preserve the pollens, causing a significant drop in potency. It is also essential that you don’t buy fakes. If something is too cheap, it’s probably of low quality.

Bee Pollen Capsules We Personally Use

One of the tested and best pollen supplements is Xtend-life’s Natural Energy. Joebees Bee Pollen may be a good product, but it is no match for Xtend-Life Natural Energy, which is sourced and made in New Zealand, a pollution free country.

Xtend-life only use the best ingredients and the best processing methods to ensure that your body gets the full benefits of bee pollen. The powdered pollen is blended with natural enzymes before encapsulation. These enzymes help to increase the potency of the supplement as well as the absorption rate.