Winners Bee Pollen – Good For Horses

But What About Humans?

Winners bee pollen is a dietary supplement given to horses to improve their performance. You may asking, why should horses take bee pollen? Well, you should not forget that this amazing food supplement is a natural energy booster, and horses especially those that participate in races need a lot of energy in order to perform well on the tracks.

winners bee pollen is great for horses

Bee pollen helps to increase the performance of race horses

Bee pollen is a rich source of carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and variety of other nutrients. High concentrations of digestive enzymes from bee saliva are also found in this substance.

Many scientists believe that these enzymes are the major difference between normal pollen grains and the pollens produced by bees.

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Even though there is no clinical certification yet, studies show that bee pollen is effective in the treatment of several illness.

It helps to strengthen immunity, slow down aging process, regulate daily metabolism and protect the body from various diseases. Daily consumption of bee pollen capsules also increases resistance capacity as well as energizes the body.

Like humans, animals also need essential nutrients for their daily activities. Animals benefit from bee pollen in the same way as humans. It helps to relieve seasonal allergic symptoms, increase life span, increases energy and relieves stress; in other words, it helps to enhance their general well-being.

Winners bee pollen is a super specialty formula for horses; however, since, there isn’t adequate information about this product, we do not know whether it is fit for humans too.

Our Tips to getting the True Benefits of Bee Pollen

  • Purity – The pollen should be sourced and manufactured in an unpolluted environment under high level of hygiene.
  • It should have high rate of absorption (encapsulated powdered form is the best)
  • GMP compliant

Recommended Bee Pollen Supplement

Xtend-life’s Natural Energy Bee Pollen is one of the best available on the market for humans. It is produced from top quality bee pollen granules of New Zealand, a pristine paradise; hence, it does not contain toxic impurities.

It is also manufactured under strict regulatory standards. While most bee pollen products have 5-7% absorption rates, Natural Energy has about 95% because of the special way it is formulated. We have been taking this product for a couple of years and the results have been wonderful, especially its energy boosting effect.

Good news is, winners bee pollen is not the only brand for animals. You can also give your pets Natural Energy; if it is good for you, it will definitely be great for your animals including horses.