Solgar Bee Pollen – Should You Really Trust This Brand?

Solgar bee pollen is one of the numerous brands of this wonder food supplement on the market today. The truth is that all pollen supplements are not created equal; so this article is going to examine the Solgar brand to see if it is really worth spending your money on.

Bee pollen is a nutritious food supplement created by bees. It is made of pollen grains from flowers mixed with nectar and enzymes secreted by bees. Pollen is the major food of the hive; it is also proven to have many nutritive and health benefits for humans as well.

The nutrients and other healing properties in pollen nourish and revitalize the body; it is particularly helpful to people on the mend. Bee created pollen also helps to enhance the overall well being of an individual.

Hence, regular intake of a quality bee pollen supplement will make you stronger, keep you healthy and may even increase your life span.

Some of the things quality bee pollen can do for you include:

  • Enhance libido and overall sexual health including fertility.
  • Boost stamina and make you feel more energetic.
  • Lower bad cholesterol.
  • Remove impurities from your body.

How Good is Solgar Bee pollen?

The problem we have with this brand is that the company doesn’t really specify the source of their pollen. The air quality in the locale from which pollen is harvested affects the purity and quality of the product.

Pollen collected from an area where there is high carbon emission and use of chemicals in farming is more likely to contain traces of toxins and other pollutants.

So, it would have been very helpful if the makers of Solgar bee pollen had stated the specific area where the pollen is harvested instead of being silent about this vital information – all we are told is that the company’s manufacturing facility is  located in Leonia, New Jersey.

On the other hand, pollen harvested in New Zealand is free of impurities because this is a pristine paradise. The air quality in this country is superb – no industrial pollution and the small human population also means low carbon emission.

Second of all, New Zealand does not allow the use of chemicals in farming; hence, their pollen is considered one of the purest in the world today.

Recommended Bee pollen Product

We recommend Natural Energy by Xtend-life because it is made with pure New Zealand bee pollen. It is also manufactured using non-chemical methods under very stringent hygienic conditions that far exceed even US FDA standards. These are just some of the reasons we prefer Natural Energy to Solgar bee pollen